Early Career Teacher (5 years or less teaching experience)

This award is open to pre-school, early learner centre (ELC), primary, secondary and CEO education advisors with no more than five years teaching experience at the time of the award nomination.

Nominations for this award must be made by a senior colleague, preferably one within the school/centre where the person is currently teaching.

There will be one award each presented to a:

  • pre-school, ELC, primary teacher
  • secondary teacher

If you wish to nominate a person but are unsure of the category or some aspect of the nomination process, please email your query to awards@cesa.catholic.edu.au

Nominate Now

Selection Criteria:

The nominee should:

  1. Demonstrate excellence in teaching which leads to improved educational outcomes.
  2. Make a contribution to improving the life within the school(s) where the nominee works or has worked.
  3. Display potential to become an even more outstanding educator.
  4. Demonstrate initiative in educational programming