Experienced Teacher (6 years or more teaching experience)

This award is open to is open to experienced  pre-school, early learner centre (ELC), primary, secondary and CEO education advisors with six or more years’ experience. The nominee will have made a significant contribution to Catholic education. For example, this may be for the development of a new program, a new set of teaching materials or an outstanding contribution to the school or parish.

Nominations for this award can be made by teaching colleagues, school principals, parent bodies or individuals.

There will be one award each presented to a:

  • pre-school, ELC, primary teacher
  • secondary teacher

If you wish to nominate a person but are unsure of the category or some aspect of the nomination process, please email your query to awards@cesa.catholic.edu.au

Nominate Now

Selection Criteria:

The nominee should:

  1. Have made a significant contribution to Catholic education, beyond that routinely expected of a teacher or education advisor.
  2. Have made a sustained contribution and demonstrated initiative over a number of years.
  3. Have influenced a range of students or others by their contribution to Catholic education.
  4. Display evidence of continued development of skill or contribution.
  5. Have an influence on other professionals or community members.