Innovative Program

This award is for a program or coordinated approach to an educational need that enriches Catholic education, the parish, or the community problem, with emphasis on innovative thinking, planning and action. Such a program could, for example, emphasise a new curriculum, a new approach to school community relationships, or in-service training or any similar activity.

Nominations for the Innovative Program Award can be made by staff, school principals, teachers, parent bodies or individuals.

If you wish to nominate a person but are unsure of the category or some aspect of the nomination process, please email your query to

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Selection Criteria:

  1. The Program in question should show innovative thinking, planning and action.
  2. The activity should have been sustained over a period of time.
  3. A broad range of students, teachers or community members should be involved.
  4. There should be evidence of assessment of success. Independent evaluation beyond the institution is desirable.
  5. Influence of the activity outside the original institution will weigh in its favour.