Any person involved in Catholic education who meets the following criteria:

  • has been involved for a minimum of two years in Catholic education in South Australia;
  • who is currently involved in Catholic education; and
  • is making an exceptional contribution to Catholic education, may be nominated.

Anyone can nominate someone to be recognised through these awards. Anyone who is aware of a paid or unpaid person whose contribution to Catholic education has been exceptional is invited to nominate that person. Nominations can be submitted by staff of schools, parish priests, parents and other community members.

Please use our online nomination form.

Before beginning, you will need to have some key information to assist with your nomination. It is important to provide specific examples of how the nominee’s contribution has been outstanding.

You will need to provide information about the person’s current and recent role/s in Catholic education. It is also helpful to provide examples of how the nominee’s efforts have been above and beyond the level of others involved in similar roles. As you prepare the supporting information, focus on what has been so special or outstanding about this person’s contribution.

It is also important to focus your information on things that will help identify the uniqueness of the nominee’s contribution. With this in mind, the information must pinpoint the most important aspects of the nominee’s service.

Yes, the contact details of two individuals who would be in a position to comment directly on the nominee’s service should be provided. Our selection process requires that at least two reference checks are made for each short-listed nominee. Their purpose is to help identify who is the most outstanding candidate.

Each of the eight categories will be assessed by its own selection panel, comprised of people with considerable experience of Catholic education, and who have a strong commitment to its mission and ethos.

In considering the nominations, the panels will seek to satisfy themselves that the successful award recipient has:

  • demonstrated achievement at a high level; and
  • contributed over and above that made by those involved in similar roles.

Yes. All nominations are strictly confidential, and panel members will commit to a confidentiality agreement.

Nominations for the Catholic Education Awards 2024 open Monday November 20 2023 and close Friday March 8 2024. The Catholic Education Awards will be held on May 16 2024.

No late nominations will be accepted.

Award recipients will be notified in writing so they may attend the presentation ceremony, accompanied by family, colleagues and friends.

The awards presentation will be an early evening event during Catholic Education Week on May 16 2024.

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