The task of the selection panel is to research each nomination and identify the most outstanding candidates in the seven categories.

All recommendations will be forwarded to the respective Directors and the Archbishop of Adelaide or the Bishop of Port Pirie.

Selection Panel Members 2024:

Amanda Humeniuk (Chair)
Adrian Dilger
Toni Fitzgerald
Belinda Radcliffe
Mark Battistella (Chair)
Shana Bennett
Andrew Balkwill
Clare Nocka
Brady Stallard (Chair)
Laura Millbank
Trish Jarvis
Belinda Bennett (Chair)
Nathan Hayes
Colleen Stevens
Carolyn Slater
Marcia Burgess (Chair)
David Ruggiero
Annette McCard

Julian Kluge (Chair)
Sarah Heaslip
Michelle Thomas

Teresa Cimmino (Chair)
David Mezinec
Shannon Bertram

Jamie Blowes (Chair)
Fr Peter Hosking SJ
Pauline Kinsman
Helen Bates