2024 Awards Sponsors will be announced soon.
We would like to thank our sponsors of the 2023 Catholic Education Awards South Australia...

Gold Sponsor: NGS Super

Since their establishment in 1988, NGS Super has grown to become the leading Industry SuperFund for those in non-government education and community organisations.  NGS Super is open to anyone. With around 111,000 members and over 11,000 employers, NGS Super is entrusted  with over $12 billion in retirement savings.  NGS Super pride themselves on running to benefit their members and always putting their members first.

Silver Sponsor: Switch Education

Switch Education is a leading provider in Education Consultancy and Staffing Solutions, operating since 2006. They are a specialist in the education sector – supplying staffing solutions - including casual, contract and permanent staff provision.

Silver Sponsor: APCSS

The Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools (ACPCSS) is a forum for prayerful reflection and collaboration for the ultimate benefit of students and families in our Catholic Secondary and Combined Schools in South Australia.

Silver Sponsor: SACPPA

The South Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association (SACPPA) is the professional association of Principals and Deputy Principals of Catholic Primary schools and heads of primary sections of Reception to Year 12 Catholic Schools in South Australia.  SACPPA is a professional, collegial and proactive community, who work to influence and promote Catholic ethos and primary education.

Bronze Sponsor: DEPSLA

Secondary Schools Deputy Principals and Senior Leaders Association (DEPSLA) is an educational organisation, committed to serving its members and communities by working in a proactive and collaborative way, to contribute to discerning the future directions of Catholic Education

Bronze Sponsor: The Southern Cross

The Southern Cross is South Australia's Catholic newspaper serving communities across the State. Each issue contains stories and features about what’s happening in the Catholic community including schools, events and issues in Adelaide and surrounding regional areas.


If your organisation would like to know more about sponsorship, please email your query to awards@cesa.catholic.edu.au